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Crafting solutions through innovative architecture & design

Founded in 2010, Designkraft aspires to be a key player in the market for outsourced software product engineering services. Headquartered in Cochin, India; we are uniquely positioned to partner with firms around the globe and help them expand overseas. The company was founded to address growing Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) enterprises' needs to reduce the time and expenses required to develop, deploy and maintain software solutions based on latest technologies.

The primary differentiators for Designkraft are - an exclusive focus on commercial grade software, an unmatched quality of engineers, a standards based 'product engineering' methodology and a complete warranty on everything we do. Designkraft is trying to re-define the future of product development, with dual shore product development and service through this combination of proven methodology, high caliber engineers, unparalleled quality and commitment to complete client satisfaction.

Designkraft is dedicated to collaborating with enterprise software companies, and working with them. The company is fully committed to open, flexible, extensible & adaptable solutions. Furthermore, its range of services is available throughout the globe. Acting as virtual extensions of its clients' development centers, the quality of Designkraft's team and the commitment to its partners' goals are second to none.


"To be a Key Player in the global market for outsourced software product engineering, by 2020." ..... Paul Varghese (CEO - Designkraft)


Designkraft's mission is to partner with Companies around the globe, to help them build innovative software products & solutions, reduce time-to-market and make them more competitive in their marketplace.


Based on a Concoction of strong core values of Ownership,Integrity & Teamwork, we blend into it, the richness of Passion, Innovation & Efficiency (PIE) to get an Excellent result. This is how, Designkraft has planned it's Mission all the way, while trying to reach it's Vision.

:: Integrity
Conduct business, both internally and externally, in a lawful, ethical and respectable manner

:: Ownership
Being responsible and accountable for every task at hand, at all times

:: Teamwork
Being a player who could lead as well as be a part of the team

:: Passion
Great enthusiasm, energy and effort in anything you take on

:: Innovation
Challenging the obvious and creating business impact through new solution ideas

:: Efficiency
Reducing costs & timelines, while improving quality, processes and systems continuously

:: Excellence
Deliver best results consistently, to exceed client expectations and set new benchmarks


The Founder & CEO, Paul Varghese was working as Chief Systems Architect for VISA USA (Visa Inc.) at their Foster City headquarters in California, before he ventured into forming Designkraft in Cochin, India. He worked on many key initiatives while at VISA USA, and one of them was to build a 100 Terabytes (Approx.) Datawarehouse to mine & provide meaningful information to it's member Banks based on the credit card transactional data in the U.S.A.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of cutting edge software engineering and technology, and has experience working with many internationally large corporates in Middle-East, U.S.A, Australia and Europe. He started his Software Engineering career at Patni, in Mumbai, India.