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Crafting solutions through innovative architecture & design

Software Product Architecture & Development Services provided by Designkraft are top-notch and aim to accelerate the development of software products, reduce time-to-market and assist in making releases more predictable. Our company offers services that deliver complete product lifecycle solutions as an extension to the client's engineering team.

Customized Solutions offered in the Areas of HR (Human Resources), ERP (Enterprise Reource Planning), FA (Financial Accounting), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & SFA (Sales Force Automation) by Designkraft will help its clients define innovative product features and functionality that satisfies the evolving market demands, and enable them to launch compelling products ahead of their competition while reducing their market and technology risks.


Software Product Development Services provided by Designkraft covers all the areas of the software development lifecycle including Quality Assurance / Quality Control of our projects. Our Software Engineers do not wait for QA/QC team to test & let them know of the bugs. Instead every Engineer is quality conscious right from the time he/she starts with the development process. The Software Product Engineering Process is specifically designed to help clients release their software applications on time & budget, to specifications and with excellent quality.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) face unique challenges as their customers demand the Product Vendors to support certain platforms as these customers have adopted them as their corporate standards. Focus of the Product Vendor is on building and improving its core suite of products. It is difficult for the company to invest time and budget into cross-platform porting, as it is not their area of core competency. Moreover, it is unreasonable to invest time, resources and money in porting exercises while their competition is moving rapidly in the marketplace.

Designkraft is helping companies in overcoming these challenges successfully. Designkraft works as a migration and porting specialist who can take care of cross platform compatibility challenges, while companies stay focused on product innovation.


Designkraft has many Man-years of experience in the field of Product/Solution Architecture. It has all the expertise to come up with innovative design & robust architecture based on client's requirements for new or existing Software Products/Applications.

Innovative Design

The company is fully committed to designing Innovative, Open, Extensible & Adaptable solutions
every time it has been contracted to build software products or solutions. It's in the vein of every
Software Engineer at Designkraft to innovate & come up with great solutions even at times, when
they are faced with technical roadblocks or challenges.

Robust Architecture

Designkraft is dedicated to building Products & Solutions based on robust scalable architecture,
which could withstand high data volumes as well as maintain high performance & great response
times at all times. This kind of architecture is required to build industrial strength products or